The Organic farm Milana Giovanni represents the culmination of the experience of 3 farming generations.

The first farmer, Milana Salvatore, was a pioneer who developed trade in carrots from his little village Ispica, near Ragusa. This is a prefect example of the Mediterranean agro-alimentary tradition..

Today the tradition continues with his son, Milana Giovanni, the owner of the Homonym farm. He specializes in this agribusiness with the help of his 3 children, Salvatore, Daniela and Ignazio, and he is able to cultivate more than 350 hectares of organic vegetables all-year round, in openfields or/and in greenhouses.

The internal organisation and the structure follow the “masseria Iblea” (the typical old Sicilian farm): houses, packaging, production and marketing methods develop from the same origin, the farm seat.

The company’s main objective is to pay attention to growing customers’ requirements; always driven by the evolution of the agricultural sector and projected by nature onto improvements within the organisation. In 2000 the new refrigerated warehouse, used for packing and to stock fresh fruits and vegetables, was built.

The also farm produces winter tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, courgettes, peppers and aubergines thanks to its 400.000 m2 of greenhouses.

The products are strictly cultivated following rigorous organic principles using soil that comes partly from the farm itself.

Today 95% of the produce is packed and sold to the foreign large-scale retail market and the other 5% to the national market.

The organic methods and the respect of the rules are exalted from the original farm seat: Ispica, at the South-East point of Sicily, between two seas, close to the plateau Ibleo. The climate is ideal and the farm is situated well away industry and consequent pollution.
The farm is very close to Cava d’Ispica, only 30 Km from Ragusa and 56 from Siracusa. The whole Milana family is delighted to invite and host sector technicians or those who would like to discover our agriculture first hand whilst completely submerging themselves in Mediterranean history.

An enterprise leader in the organic sector from the beginning of the ’90’s with more than 350 cultivated Hectares; the strong family’s farmer enthusiasm in a corner of paradise: the Sicily Island.